about me

about me

If I am not coding, you can find me taking abstract photo concepts, or jamming out to some deep house music wondering what my next adventure is going to be.

A Web Developer

A Disc Jockey

A Photographer

this i do

things i do

Web Developer

I've been developing since AOL.COM was version 1.0


Once upon a time... Partner in crime Dj Miss Mariko. Started in 2013. Learned from legendary Dj Aun.


Taking pictures since the age of 9, first photos were from an aquarium field trip. Used allowance to buy a disposable camera. Out of 24 pictures taken only 3 photos turned out good.



"I think that formative feedback isn't as necessary in an area such as math or certain sciences because it does not change, " said Angelo Dalisay, a computer information systems [CIS] major. "For example, math is like a languageā€”the concepts, the structure of math is always the same. What changes is how we interpret each problem and use short cuts to solve a problem."

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Don't apologize for telling someone how you feel; weather it's something good or bad. Don't apologize for your honesty or your feelings. Don't apologize for protecting your heart whether by being too guarded or walking away too soon. Sometimes you're the only one who knows how to heal yourself.....

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Feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to answer any questions, bookings, photos or simply just to say hello.